I am always on the hunt for bargains/samples and these sites always have the most up to date.

I have also been signed up to to the following sites for awhile and have recieved various free products to test.

survey sites are also great ways to earn a few extra pennies/test products for free and these are the ones which have paid out for me in the past. You will have to complete more than a few surveys to earn points redeamable for vouchers etc but the chance of testing a product for free is fairly high. I have tested toothpaste, crisps, butter and sweets naming just a few.

  • opinion world – This site pays out at 1000 points (=£10) redeamable for vouchers from amazon, arogos and john lewis among others
  • Tonula – Redeam points for vouchers for cash or vouchers. 80000 points needed for a £15 amazon giftcard. seems like alot but the points build up fairly quickly
  • valued opinions – You are paid a certain amount for each survey you sucessfully complete and once you reach £10 you can redeam for gift vouchers- includes amazon vouchers

There are lots of survey sites out there but these 3 are the ones I personally use and have been paid from.



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