Hotel chocolat review

I received a message from hotel chocolat just before Christmas asking if I would like to review one of their gift sets. Of course I jumped at the chance! (Who wouldn’t!? )
I have shopped at the Manchester store various times and find their chocolate slabs great as gifts (and ahem..personal use)
I received a parcel the next day, sent special delivery and knew straight away who my parcel was from.

20140104-075524 PM.jpg
This is a beautiful box and if I’d received this from a friend or family member as a gift, I personally would have been very impressed before I’d even opened it to see what was inside! 🙂

20140104-075709 PM.jpg

20140104-075735 PM.jpg

20140104-075826 PM.jpg

20140104-075854 PM.jpg

20140104-075912 PM.jpg
Firstly I love the gift bag and really like the way the whole gift is presented. I think this particular gift was priced at £18? (Please correct me if I’m wrong)
And it contained the following.

20140104-080347 PM.jpg
The boys loved the little Santa shapes and polished these off as soon as they saw them! I’d like to say they were nice but I didn’t get a chance to even see the little chocolates, never mind taste them. They all agreed that it was definitely chocolate and “did I have any more?”

20140104-080640 PM.jpg
The Christmas mess chocolates were the ones I most wanted to try. And they are lovely!.

20140104-081221 PM.jpg

20140104-081243 PM.jpg
Apart from being little pieces of art these tasted gorgeous. The bottom pink layer is sweet and tart followed by the creamy strawberry mousse and meringue sprinkles on top. I’d definitely buy these again as a treat.

20140104-081454 PM.jpg
The treacle tarts were hubby’s favourite and I have to admit I could have eaten them all myself!

20140104-081748 PM.jpg

20140104-081757 PM.jpg
The caramel is lovely and smooth and perfect accompanied by the shortbread biscuit on top.

20140104-081939 PM.jpg
This wreath is huge! It’s a solid piece of chocolate and has the caramelised almond Florentines throughout rather than just sprinkled on the top.

20140104-082210 PM.jpg
This was very messy to eat and very rich. I don’t think somebody could eat the whole thing in one sitting (although any one of my boys would have been happy to try!) I don’t think I would re-buy this.

Overall I’m very impressed. I think the price is a little out of my gift allowance for chocolate but I’d be very happy to receive this (hint hint) and would definitely repurchase single items from the bag as gifts.

** I received this free of charge for the purpose of review. My views are my own personal opinions of the product.


Byron Bay cookies ( review )

20120905-113543 PM.jpg
I was sent an email a few months ago
from Byron bay cookies asking if I would be interested in trying their product.After a quick google I established that they were ACTUALLY a cookie company and quickly accepted their kind offer ( who says no to cookies!?? )

While waiting for the product to arrive I visited the Byron bay cookies website found here to have a quick peek at the products available and to see what the company is about. It was interesting to find out that the company offers both original and gluten free cookies which are certified by the vegetarian society, with the gluten free range also approved by coaliac uk.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but the parcel arrived a few days later with 13… Yes 13! Mahoosive cookies.

20120905-110859 PM.jpg
Each cookie is individually wrapped which is great for both on the go or storing in the cupboard for a sneaky treat with a cuppa.

I received one flavour each of the byron bay range and whilst I had every intention of trying each cookie individually and reviewing each one that idea flew out of the window as soon as the boys saw what was in the box! Needless to say 3 were devoured fairly quickly with a few mumbled “hmm’s” and “is good” the only reviews offered! The dotty was a firm favourite and they managed to wait long enough for me to cut it into 3 good size pieces.

20120905-112112 PM.jpg
I did eventually get to try one with a quiet cuppa and I have to say I was very impressed. I picked the lemon macadamia nut shortbread and it was lovely! Not too strongly flavoured it was crumbly and melted in my mouth.

20120905-112443 PM.jpg
Being the generous person I like to think I am the remaining cookies were offered to visiting family and friends and everyone only had good things to say. My dad tried both the white choc chunk and macadamia nut cookies from the original and gluten free range and couldn’t tell them apart.
Overall very impressed and the boys have already started keeping their eyes open for cafes etc which might stock the dotty cookies 🙂

Byron bay cookies can be followed via Facebook and twitter

**I was sent these cookies free of charge for the purpose of this review**