Bungees collectables by magic box (review)

“brightly coloured, hugely collectable, magnetic figurines” The tv ad can be seen here

My son Zak was recently sent 2 packets of the soon to be released bungees collectable figures from magic box in the post . These are from the same company which produced gogo crazy bones (of which he is a huge fan) and they are due to be released on the 31st january 2012.

The packets are bright and colourful and each contained 1 magnetic bungee collectable figure and 1 card. A game guide is also included which shows 6 ways to play. Zak was a little disappointed to find that there wasn’t a sheet in the pack to show which figures were available to collect but i imagine that these will be found on the website once it is up and running

Zak loves collectables and was really impressed with the little figures which are magnetic and are designed to stick to the cards which are included in each pack. The bungees feel almost rubbery to touch and the magnet is firmly integrated into the figure so I imagine they would not be easily broken/ruined. The cards are double-sided, thick and each one contains various information about the displayed character.

There are 96 bungees to collect and 48 cards and the figures and card characters in each pack did not match


There are various ways to play with the figures which i personally feel adds to the collection. Most of the  figures Zak collects at the minute are fairly boring with no real purpose to them other than the fact they are collectable. Bungees on the other hand offer the players multiple games and with only 2 cards and 2 figures my boys have been entertained for hours .I have to admit to being pulled into a few games myself and I can definitely see how they could become addictive the more the collection grows.

I have already been begged for the starter pack once it is released which is priced at £4.99 and includes a large game board, game guide and checklist, 1 bungee and 1 card. A storage bag is also available priced at £2.50 and contains a bag, 1 bungee and 1 card.  The single packs contain a mini game guide, 1 bungee and 1 card and are priced at £1.50


Fantastic new collection/ game for kids ( and possibly some adults) I’m very impressed with the gameplay and the quality of the figures. The price is reasonable compared to other toys the boys collect, and as there are various ways to play I  feel much better paying  for them, knowing that they will actually be played with and not just stuffed in a box after the figure has been ticked off a sheet. It’s also worth noting that the single packets are well within pocket-money price range meaning the boys will be more willing to pay for them themselves saving my pennies 😀

Zak  and I give this 10/10 and look forward to the launch of the product to start collecting.


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**My son was sent these for free to play with not for the purpose of a review. All opinions are our own**