Are you a shower puff girl?


If you haven’t already guessed from previous posts I’m a little
obsessed with bath and shower products. I’ve always used a shower puff with my shower products and wouldn’t be without this little miracle product! My reason for this post is yesterday my friend popped round to swap Xmas prezzies and in with her lush goodies I gave her a shower puff. She had no idea what it was so I gave her a little demonstration and she was very impressed. Why am I so impressed with this product? Well, I use it with my lush shower jellies and all shower gels and soap. All that’s needed is a little bit of product for a lot of lather and soapy goodness. This means I only use a little bit of product (which is always a bonus!) also I love the fact that it gives your skin a light scrub while you wash. I personally buy the ones which have a little sucker attached and can be stuck to the bathroom tiles to drain after use. So are you a shower puff girl? If you haven’t used one of these before I would highly recommend you give them a try.


Enchanted bath and bodyworks (review)

As you may have guessed from recent posts im a huge fan of lush products and their scents. I am a member of the lush forum and came across the name Enchanted more than a few times. At first Enchanted was described to me as a company which makes and sells dupes of the lush scents but when I visited the website for the first time I saw that enchanted offers much more than just lush dupes.

Enchanted is run by a lovely lady called Sarah and they produce lots of gorgeously scented scrubs, body washes, lotions ,soaps and fragrances in many different scents including a few dupes of other scents.

Her full list can be seen here :

I was sent a small sample of scrub, bodywash, lotion and soap in various scents to try alongside a perfume roll on.

foaming sugar scrub

I used the sugar scrub first and following the directions I applied to damp skin and massaged into a lather.As soon as the scrub touches the water on your body it starts to foam a little like a soap and this makes it really easy to give yourself a good scrub. afterwards just rinse off. I loved the way the scrub made my skin feel exfoliated and fresh and the scent stayed on my skin lightly after use.

Whipped bodywash

The directions said to apply to damp skin using a shower puff so i took a small amount of product and rubbed into a shower puff. I was really impressed by the amount of lather and really liked the feel of the bodywash on my skin. I loved the fact that a small amount of product was more than enough for a good wash and again loved the way my skin felt after use. The scent stayed on my skin after use and my skin was lovely and soft.

Body cream

I have used the body cream for about a week and im very pleased with the results.Its moisturising and leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. The most impressive factor though in my opinion is the scent and how long it stays on your skin after application. Its like wearing perfume all over your body and as you get to pick the scents you prefer I honestly cannot imagine using a body cream by any other brand. I am a huge fan of the lush american cream scent and a friend sent me a small sample of the Enchanted dupe of this scent and I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell them apart in a sniff test! the scent is a perfect dupe and im really impressed.


I also received a perfume roll on in a scent called snow pixie which smells amazing! it’s a dupe of lush godmother/snowfairy and it is perfect. The scent lasts for hours after application and only a small amount is needed.

Enchanted also offer try me sets in the foaming scrub,whipped bodywash and body cream which are x3 100ml tubs of 3 different scented products of your choice which is a perfect way to try scents and products. They also offer layering sets which includes foaming scrub, whipped bodywash and body cream in your favourite scent.

overall im really impressed with both the scents and the products supplied by Enchanted bath and bodyworks and have already got plans to make an order for a wider range of scents. 10/10

Lush ocean salt scrub (review)

20120301-111914 AM.jpg
Ocean salt facial scrub £6.75/120g

“Does your skin feel washed up and abandoned? Get it ship-shape with coconuts and lime – lush website” (

To use wet your face then scrub it all over, wash off the excess before repeating with a bigger scoop for an all over body scrub.

first use This was the product that first lured me into a lush store as I had heard some really great reviews. I have been having a few skin problems over the winter and wanted to treat myself to some face care products, as a birthday treat hubby took me to the Trafford center lush and I had a little splurge 🙂

On opening the pot the scrub is a lovely blue/green and White colour and you can actually see the grains of salt. I would advise that you mix the pot before use as the larger particles of salt are usually on the top of the mixture.I wasn’t too sure about the scent of this in store but once I got it home and had a whiff  I actually really like it. people have likened it to Margarita? i cannot confirm this as i have no idea what a margarita smells like. I find it smells like the ocean with hints of lime. very refreshing and clean smelling.
20120301-112747 AM.jpg

I used ocean salt facial scrub after cleansing with angels on bare the pot is fairly small I only used a small scoop on my fingers and this was more than enough for a full face scrub.

20120301-113305 AM.jpg
On placing the scrub on my face the smell is refreshing and the product felt nice and cool on my skin.I then began to gently rub the scrub over my face in circular motions. The feel of the scrub is not too harsh if used on a wet face and you can actually feel it exfoliating your skin.If you prefer a harsher scrub just apply without water. After washing the scrub off with warm water my skin feels amazing! Smooth soft and brighter after only one use.

Definitely woke me up and left me feeling really refreshed.I personally will only be using it once per day and look forward to using it in the mornings to give me and my skin a kick-start. 10/10

Melvita – bio-excellence moisturising serum.(review)

Melvita – bio-excellence moisturising serum. 30ml rrp £30  **product review**

Bio-Excellence Moisturising Anti-Ageing Serum is a fragrance-free and extremely gentle fluid to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, to revitalise prematurely dehydrated skins as well as to soothe skin redness. Suitable for all skin types.

I was really lucky to be one of the beautyontrial ( members picked to review this product and im really glad that i was!

The serum arrived in a 30ml bottle which has a little pump which dispenses just the right amount into your hand. The serum is not too thick and it is applied really easily and covers very well so not a lot is required per application.Once applied you can actually feel the serum soothing into your skin leaving it really silky and soft.It can also be worn under your usual moisturizer or foundation.

I was suffering from dry chapped cheeks from the weather and this serum made my face feel much better after only a couple of applications. It has a lovely light scent which is not too overpowering and even your hands feel much softer after using.

will be buying this again in the future.  rating 9/10

**product review** means I was sent the product for free so I could test and review it.

Nivea visage pure and natural soothing day cream (review)

Nivea visage pure and natural soothing day cream  50ml  £4.99

contains chamomile, argan oil and natural moisturizers.

The cream comes in a cute little jar which is quite thick so i imagine it is not easily broken when it gets into little hands…personally I don’t think the jar looks like it holds that much, so not sure how long this product is going to last.The cream has a really pleasant mild scent which i quite enjoy and while it is fairly thick not a lot is needed as it covers really well. It doesn’t feel too heavy on your face and left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised.

I bought this product after trying  a small free sample I received and im really pleased with the results. 7/10

review – face creams/serums

I know that as a parent looking after yourself doesn’t always come top of the list!  Personally i really admire the mum’s who arrive at school sporting a full face of makeup and immaculate hair. Im lucky to have the time to run a brush through my hair before the school run… but maybe that’s just me lol

I have only recently, the past few months started to use face creams and my face feels much smoother,clearer and healthier than its looked in a while.

This is where I will post all my reviews of face creams and serum’s I have used and what i thought about each one 😀