That little thing called humiliation…

Sami was invited to his first ever skating party yesterday and since I used to love flying around on my skates when I was younger I was really excited for him. we arrived and after strapping him into the boots and placing all the protective gear on him i proudly watched as he shuffled onto the skating floor…and fell, and refused to get up unless we could go home.

Being the kind mother that I am I pretended I wasnt 3 stone over weight and nearing 30 and strapped on a pair of boots. I mean I used to be a fantastic skater how hard could it be? answer – not easy and not pretty.

All the other mums bar the couple who were brave enough (or silly depending on how you look at it) to venture onto the skating floor were huddles around the edges chatting so when my first fall happened only a few actually saw me hit the deck. after flailing around for a few embarrassing seconds i managed to get back onto my feet and continue skating around with sami clinging vice-like onto my arm. 10 minutes before the end we were nearing the corner where all the mums were sat and sami fell sticking his boot out as he went down. After hitting his boot and madly waving my arms to try to stop the inevitable fall I fell and slid across the skating floor knocking 7 years olds over in the process. not my most shining moment! and to top it all off sami just got up looked at me and laughed!! pfft that’s the thanks I get for helping 🙂 It didn’t help that the worried mums came running to make sure I was ok and because I was sooo embarrassed I couldn’t actually get up! everytime I tried my feet would slip and id be on my backside again.

Needless to say I don’t think I will be going back anytime soon!


Happy mothers day all you lovely mummys!

It’s officially mothers day!

you fantasize that you will wake up to breakfast in bed served by a loving hubby and happy smiling children, the house will be clean and tidy and lunch will be taken care of. A lovely card will be waiting and a beautifully wrapped gift will be handed to you as you relax in bed for the first time in a year.

The reality is usually I get an early wake up from my littles man wanting breakfast and snuggles whilst watching mickey mouse clubhouse. My eldest two will probably wake up and restart the argument which never seems to end stopping long enough to pass me handmade cards containing poems they have written themselves and which don’t always make complete sense. (last year samis said “i love you like elephants love monkeys”….) I usually cook a big family lunch on a sunday and mothers day is no different.

It might not be a fantasy day but I wouldnt’ change a minute! the fact that my youngest wakes me up early isn’t ideal but the snuggles are worth it. The cards are always beautifully made and the boys are so proud of their efforts (as am i) they might not make complete sense but they mean the world to me. I love cooking and there’s nothing better than cooking a lunch you know everybody is going to enjoy and sitting down as a family to enjoy it.( if im really lucky the boys might even forget to argue for the length of the meal) I guess everybody has their own ideas of what the perfect mothers day would be. for me its being with my boys doing what mum does best

I’d love to hear what you do on mothers day 🙂

Happy mothers day xx

What a lush-ious experience.

20120226-070137 PM.jpg

I’m writing this post from my iPhone and apologise for any mistakes etc..

I have been reading lots of reviews recently about lush and today hubby took me to the Trafford center lush for a birthday treat :)
I have heard lots of people comment on the smells coming from the shop but I personally didn’t find them very strong, at least not until I had walked through the door. I did have to have a little cough to clear the sudden whiff that hit me as I came in the door.

I was greeted by a lovely assistant who was really helpful and asked if I had any products in mind. As I have been dreaming about lush for about 2 weeks I had a little ( massive) list of items I wanted to see/ try.
Starting from the beginning of the list she took me to each item and gave me a demonstration of each product on my hands and showed me how each one was used. She was also really helpful in helping me choose the right product for my skin type etc..
I really couldn’t speak more highly of the lush staff! A few reviews I read said the staff can come across as pushy and i was a little apprehensive but I didn’t find this at all. They made my shopping trip a wonderful experience.
I also have to say that the staff were fantastic with the boys and gave them demos of bubble bars and ballistics ( bath bombs) whilst I shopped.
The products are placed on little tables or shelves with samples of each one open for you to see/ try. Before going to the lush store I was going to order online and I’m now really glad I had the chance to see and smell each item before I bought it.The tubs were a lot smaller than I was expecting but I have been told that the products last awhile as a little goes along way.
As it’s my birthday tomorrow I did go a little overboard and ended up with 3 lush bags full of items but the boys did pick a few bombs for themselves so it’s not as bad as it looks.. Honest!
I bought-

Mask of magnaminty 315g tub
Ocean salt scrub 120g tub
Angels on bare skin
Sweetie pie shower jelly 100g
Bubblegum lip scrub
King of skin body butter
Each peach massage bar
Tea-tree toner tabs x3
Karma komba shampoo bar
Jungle conditioner bar
Stepping stone foot scrub

Honeybee bath ballistic
Twilight bath ballistic
Blackberry bath ballistic
Dragons egg bath ballistic
Fizzbanger bath ballistic x2
Ickle baby bot bath ballistic x2
Think pink bath ballistic
Rocketeer bath ballistic x2
Space girl bath ballistic x2

Pop in the bath
Comforter bubble bar
Karma bubble bar
Creamy candy bubble bar
Blue skies bubble bar
Melting marshmallow moment x2

Honey I washed the kids soap
Sexy peel soap
Godmother soap

I’ll post separate reviews for each item as I use them.. I can’t wait :)

20120226-070754 PM.jpg

proud mummy moment!

I am so proud of my gorgeous little man rayyan who is now dummy and nappy free at night 🙂

As he is almost 4 I know that he should have been off his dummy awhile ago now but you try telling him that! i have tried everything to get him away from his dummy short of just removing it and not giving it him back, but I wanted it to be his decision as i think just taking it away would cause more problems.

we have given it to baby fish in the canal, this was the first attempt and ended in me finding a YouTube video of a fish sucking on a dummy ( i know right! ) but since the fish’s dummy was pink and rayyans was blue he was having none of it and demanded i get a new one. which i did under duress after almost 2 hours of tears.

we gave it to the sharks in the sea whilst on a short holiday in Skegness. if you come across a dummy on butlins Skegness beach I take full responsibility.

we wrapped it and gave it to santa for the baby elves. just as “santa” was bringing the presents down from the attic he woke up crying for his dummy and i really had no choice but to give it him before he woke the boys up!

Imagine my surprise when on a quick visit to tescos he declared he was a big boy now and didn’t want his dummy anymore. thinking it would be a repeat of the numerous other times he has told me this I wasnt convinced but sure enough off to bed he toddled dummy free and not a word did he utter. gobsmacked mummy! The next night he told me that he didn’t want a nappy anymore and again off to sleep he went nappy and dummy free! very proud mummy especially when he woke up the next morning completly dry and told me hes a big boy now (i may have cried a little i was so proud)

School holidays… heaven or hell?

The boys finished last thursday for the half term holidays and the past few days have been a mixed bag of emotions.

Rayyan has a respiratory virus and is not feeling himself at all so not really been able to get out much over the past few days. The boys have been fantastic and have been the best of friends playing Lego starwars with the Lego and on the wii while rayyan lies on the settee watching mickey mouse clubhouse, and sucking on icepops, which seem to be the only things i can actually get him to eat my poor little man.

I’m really hoping the weather is ok for the next few days as i have promised we can go squirrel hunting in the park at the weekend ( not ACTUALLY hunting the squirrels lol) the boys love trying to spot them in the trees and make a game of who can spot the most.

So far these holidays haven’t gone to plan but they have been much more relaxed than normal and the boys have been really nice to each other which is much better than having them at each others throats all the time!!. fingers crossed the niceties continue when rayyan is back in the mix…

how have your half term holidays been so far?

As a last note I have to say that I am super excited as hubby has promised me lots of lush goodies for my birthday in a few week and as I have yet to try ANY lush products I really cannot wait!!… any of you favourites you would recommend please let me know 🙂

snow-mageddon has began…

After a week of warnings and denial the snow started to fall at 12.25pm and hasn’t stopped since!

This photo was taken 2 hours after the snow started and its now much deeper.

The boys are not at all impressed as they are meant to have their karate grading in the morning and it’s not looking like they are going to be able to make it 😦 Promises of sledging and snowman making might just cheer them up!

Spent the day huddled under a duvet with the heating on full with my youngest as he’s not feeling 100% today and as I’m recovering from a throat infection and pulled stomach muscles it was the perfect saturday afternoon.

how have you survived the first day of snow-mageddon?:)

Getting the most from your shopping..


I am quite houseproud (as much as you can be with 3 boys!) and having a dog i am quite obsessed with having a  nice smelling home, which doesn’t smell of wet dog or mucky boys 🙂 over the years I have realised that it’s not always the most expensive products which give the best results and I have  5 top tips for making your house smell delicious on a budget.

  1. fabric fresheners like febreeze are great for making curtains, cushions and other fabrics smell fresh but can be quite expensive for what they are. pop to the supermarket and find a fabric softener which you love the smell of and a small refillable pump spray bottle (can be bought from the pound shop) quarter fill the pump bottle with the fabric softener and fill with warm water. Can be used to refresh fabrics and costs a fraction of the price of the already made ones as you can refill the pump-bottle several times from the fabric softener.  (febreeze £2.86 x1 bottle fabric softener £2.15 x4 pump bottle refills.)
  2. Instead of buying pre-made cleaning products, buy the concentrate and make up your own. You can make it as strong/weak as you wish and again will get more than one bottle from concentrate.( flash pre-made spray £2.70 x 1 bottle – flash concentrate £2.29 x4 pump bottle refills)
  3. I am a washing up liquid snob and have only ever bought fairy washing up liquid. Nowadays i buy large family size bottles and use them to refill smaller bottles. Make sure you put the water in first and then fill will washing up liquid or you end up with a sink full of bubbles 🙂
  4. Don’t buy any cleaning products unless they are on offer if you can help it. try to buy a few when they are on offer so that they will last.
  5. Essential oils can be picked up fairly cheaply and when placed on tissue and placed on radiators smell gorgeous! I like using vanilla in the kitchen and when the radiators are turned on the heat makes the whole house smell delicious.

I would be really interested to hear any tips you use around the house 🙂

Its only since december that I became aware of the joys of price checking my shopping list on a price comparison site and I am now shamelessly addicted! is a brilliant site to visit before doing a big shop as it lets you know which products are on offer and which supermarket is cheaper for your shop. I have made more than a few savings from this site and would definatly recommend it to anybody wanting to save  a little money.