Enchanted Halloween scents reveal

I posted a sneak peek of enchanteds Halloween sampler yesterday and now the lovely Sarah has done the big reveal on her Facebook page I thought I’d do a quick update on the names and scent descriptions 😀

The theme for this Halloween collection is Disney villains and the scent choices are perfect 🙂

Vizir- bodywash


Hop on board the magic carpet and take a ride to Agrabah, just take care not to run into the Royal Vizir, things are not as they seem. This tall bony character is a cool headed schemer with evil at his heart. Jafar is often noted to be an amoral psychopath who’ll not hesitate to destroy anyone he perceives as a threat to his own sinister designs. His scent is full of Eastern influence, Arabian oudh nestles seamlessly against dragonsblood, honeyed woods and a hint of souk spices.

This is one of my favourite scents from this sampler and it will definitely be on my list come order day! It smells exactly the way you would expect jafar to smell. Dark, dirty and strangely sexy!
Or is it just me who finds animated characters sexy?….;)

Evil queen – body wash


Snow White’s villain is the embodiment of pride and vanity from her golden, jewel tipped crown through her black, purple and deep red attire to the tips of her yellow orange high heeled shoes. Dark damsons, red berries and pumpkin create a concoction to emulate her vain and prideful colouring, with a shot of shiny red macintosh apple to represent her attempt to rid the world of our heroine.

This is another scent I have on my list to order. I can smell the damsons and berries with maybe a hint of apple? Really nice fruity scent 🙂

Dark cloak- bodywash


warm vanilla swirling into a cloud of pink marshmallows and a hint of toffee and fig. (scent idea by Joanne D)

I definitely smell vanilla and marshmallow in this scent. Sarahs vanilla is lovely and warm so this will be a lovely scent for those winter nights 🙂

Queen of hearts – scrub


The tyrannical and deranged ruler of Wonderland, she is renowned for being psychotic and has huge mood swings from being content to enraged within a matter of seconds. Unbirthday cake, vanilla cream and red raspberry & strawberry sauce

I wasn’t sure about this scent when I first gave it a sniff and now I know why! Birthday cake (Or unbirthday cake) is a scent I’m really not a fan of…This is one that’s definitetly not going on my list 😀

Lady of autumn -scrub


honey, milk, sandalwood and rose petals (scent idea by Nikki S)

This one I knew contained rose as soon as I opened. I’m allergic and the scent gives me a headache 😦  I love the colours of this one but sadly won’t be able to use it.

Underworld – scrub


Welcome to the realm of Hades and his sidekicks Pain & Panic. Hades, the whispy fiery headed villain from Hercules is the god of the Underworld, along with the help and sometimes hindrance of his very naughty minions Pain and Panic he schemes to take over the throne of Olympus. A colourful concoction of whispy blue candy floss, silly lime and crazy blue raspberry slushie.

I love this one 🙂 I didn’t have the scent descriptions yesterday but can definitely smell all the notes now I know what they are. Blue raspberry slush ie is one of my favourite scents and this blend works really well. Another for my list 😀

De vil – scrub


With her fur coat and bright red lipstick she is easily recognisable as the puppy stealing villainess that we all love to hate. Another of Disney’s iconic villains she was styled on Bette Davis, Rosalind Rusell and 1940’s glamour. Opera gloves, high heels and skin tight dresses are her usual attire, along with lashing of teal eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. This sexy floral is tribute to the red lippie of the 40s and the stylings of this puppy pinching diva. Night blooming jasmine, sandalwood and musk make this so sexy in a floral, but not too floral kind of way.

I hate floral but this is gorgeous!  I’d actually day this is my favourite from the whole sampler. It’s a really clean and pretty scent. I’m really looking forward to ordering this in MU spray and whatever else is available 😀

Vampires first bite – mu spray


blood orange, red berries and crushed pomegranate (scent idea by Rachel F)

This is really fruity and I get a clean background scent.  Really nice and refreshing 🙂

Treat or treat – mu spray


All the sweet foodyness you could wish for: Halloween candy corn, sweet waffles, sugar cookies, gooey caramel and a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream.

I’m not a massive foody lover but this isn’t bad! I can smell the sugar cookies, waffles and vanilla but only get a hint of caramel 🙂 usually I find caramel scents bitter and overwhelming but this is a really nice blend and the scent complement each other beautifully 🙂

Mistress of evil – mu spray


Magnificent Malificent, often referred to as the leader of the Disney Villains, her most famous quotes is “You poor simple fools, thinking you could defeat me. Me, the mistress of all evil.” With her gothic pre renaissance styling she is slender, beautiful and extremely powerful with the ability to fly, shape shift, teleport, cast spells and is considered to be the embodiment of evil….she is one diva to be reckoned with. Her scent is as memorable as her image deep ruby Cabernet, red berries, dark woods and Iso E Super to add a little extra magic.

I can definitely smell cabernet and berries! This is quite a complex scent and is probably the one scent that will work really well as a perfume 🙂

So that was my sampler. If you want to get your hands on any of these products be sure to check out the enchanted Facebook group for details 😀 I’m really looking forward to getting my order in for the sets which will be available from the 20th-30th sept

Before I go there is just one more scent I’d like to mention…It wasn’t in my sampler and I haven’t yet sniffed it BUT when I read about it on the group this afternoon it definitely deserves a mention..

Genie– Remembering Robin: Obviously not a villain, the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin was voiced by the much loved Robin Williams. As you will all know Robin Williams passed away earlier this year following a long battle with depression. He was a much loved and extremely talented man who gave much joy and happiness to countless people. I wanted to do something to recognise and remember Robin Williams and with this year’s theme being Disney related I thought it would be a fitting time to release a limited edition scent in remembrance of this much missed man. Fruity blueberry and marshmallow combine to create a wonderful blueberry smoothie scent. If this scent is ordered as part of a Halloween set, £1 for every item in the scent will go to the chosen charity for depression or suicide prevention. There will also be a Genie set available from which 100% of the profits will go to the charity.

I loved the man and like most of you grew up watching him make the world laugh. This is a really fitting tribute and I definetly think it deserved a mention.  I’ll be ordering mine 😀


Are you a shower puff girl?


If you haven’t already guessed from previous posts I’m a little
obsessed with bath and shower products. I’ve always used a shower puff with my shower products and wouldn’t be without this little miracle product! My reason for this post is yesterday my friend popped round to swap Xmas prezzies and in with her lush goodies I gave her a shower puff. She had no idea what it was so I gave her a little demonstration and she was very impressed. Why am I so impressed with this product? Well, I use it with my lush shower jellies and all shower gels and soap. All that’s needed is a little bit of product for a lot of lather and soapy goodness. This means I only use a little bit of product (which is always a bonus!) also I love the fact that it gives your skin a light scrub while you wash. I personally buy the ones which have a little sucker attached and can be stuck to the bathroom tiles to drain after use. So are you a shower puff girl? If you haven’t used one of these before I would highly recommend you give them a try.

Enchanted bath and bodyworks (review)

As you may have guessed from recent posts im a huge fan of lush products and their scents. I am a member of the lush forum and came across the name Enchanted more than a few times. At first Enchanted was described to me as a company which makes and sells dupes of the lush scents but when I visited the website for the first time I saw that enchanted offers much more than just lush dupes.

Enchanted is run by a lovely lady called Sarah and they produce lots of gorgeously scented scrubs, body washes, lotions ,soaps and fragrances in many different scents including a few dupes of other scents.

Her full list can be seen here :

I was sent a small sample of scrub, bodywash, lotion and soap in various scents to try alongside a perfume roll on.

foaming sugar scrub

I used the sugar scrub first and following the directions I applied to damp skin and massaged into a lather.As soon as the scrub touches the water on your body it starts to foam a little like a soap and this makes it really easy to give yourself a good scrub. afterwards just rinse off. I loved the way the scrub made my skin feel exfoliated and fresh and the scent stayed on my skin lightly after use.

Whipped bodywash

The directions said to apply to damp skin using a shower puff so i took a small amount of product and rubbed into a shower puff. I was really impressed by the amount of lather and really liked the feel of the bodywash on my skin. I loved the fact that a small amount of product was more than enough for a good wash and again loved the way my skin felt after use. The scent stayed on my skin after use and my skin was lovely and soft.

Body cream

I have used the body cream for about a week and im very pleased with the results.Its moisturising and leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. The most impressive factor though in my opinion is the scent and how long it stays on your skin after application. Its like wearing perfume all over your body and as you get to pick the scents you prefer I honestly cannot imagine using a body cream by any other brand. I am a huge fan of the lush american cream scent and a friend sent me a small sample of the Enchanted dupe of this scent and I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell them apart in a sniff test! the scent is a perfect dupe and im really impressed.


I also received a perfume roll on in a scent called snow pixie which smells amazing! it’s a dupe of lush godmother/snowfairy and it is perfect. The scent lasts for hours after application and only a small amount is needed.

Enchanted also offer try me sets in the foaming scrub,whipped bodywash and body cream which are x3 100ml tubs of 3 different scented products of your choice which is a perfect way to try scents and products. They also offer layering sets which includes foaming scrub, whipped bodywash and body cream in your favourite scent.

overall im really impressed with both the scents and the products supplied by Enchanted bath and bodyworks and have already got plans to make an order for a wider range of scents. 10/10

Help! i think im a lush-aholic

I posted about my first ever visit to a lush store a few weeks ago. I still have lots of product reviews to write for the items I bought on this visit and will post them as soon as I have tried everything 🙂

I was a little bored one afternoon and decided to have a peep at the website. This may have been a mistake as half an hour later I emerged wide-eyed and slightly poorer after placing my first online LUSH order. everything on the site looks amazing and I especially love reading the comments written by other customers which can be seen under each product. I chose to order a few retro items which cannot be purchased in-store and are only available online, mothers day items which will leave the site after mother’s day ends and a couple of items I didn’t buy while in-store and wished I had.









x2 urulu bath bombs (retro)

x1 fairy jasmine bath bomb (retro)

The mum re-usable bubble bar

Tulip re-usable bubble bar

strawberry feels forever massage bar

Lemony flutter cuticle butter

tea tree toning water

I also received 4 samples which I requested when ordering.

I made the order and paid for standard shipping which is sent by royal mail. when the parcel still hadn’t arrived 5 days later i contacted the lush mail order team and they sent a replacement package out straight away by 24 hour courier and I received it the day after I rang to let them know there was a problem.

The customer service was excellent and the staff are friendly, polite and quick to deal with any problems/concerns you may have.

Then hubby surprised me by telling me to write him a list of LUSH items I wanted for mother’s day. I wrote a long list of things i would quite like and told him to just choose what he wanted to order so it would be a surprise. This parcel was ordered on 24hour shipping and I received it the next day









I actually squealed! he didn’t know what to order so just got me everything on the list! (he also told me that he wouldn’t be ordering me anything else for the forseeable future lol)

rub rub rub shower scrub

herbalism face cleanser

american cream conditioner 100g

happy hippy shower gel 100g

rockstar soap

tricomania solid shampoo

magic mushroom bubble bar

the comforter

pop in the bath x2

green bubbleroon bubble bar

karma bubble bar

hot milk bubble bar x2 (retro)

marzibain bubble bar x2 (retro)

sunnyside bubble bar

dreamtime luxury bath melt

dragons egg bath bomb

big blue bath bomb

butterball bath bomb

honeybee bath bomb

twilight bath bomb

space girl bath bomb x2

vanilla fountain bath bomb

fluffy egg bath bomb x3 (easter collection)

Looking at everything now I realise that it might seem a little excessive BUT as a busy mum I don’t smoke. I don’t drink and my treat is a long soak in the bath. The boys also love using the bombs and bubble bars and as i cut them rather than using whole bombs/bubble bars each item can be used multiple times (I will make a post soon about how I cut and store my products)

so I am now officially a lush-aholic and can’t wait to try everything and let you know what I think 🙂

I would love to hear about you favorite products so please feel free to leave me a comment below.





Lush ocean salt scrub (review)

20120301-111914 AM.jpg
Ocean salt facial scrub £6.75/120g

“Does your skin feel washed up and abandoned? Get it ship-shape with coconuts and lime – lush website” (

To use wet your face then scrub it all over, wash off the excess before repeating with a bigger scoop for an all over body scrub.

first use This was the product that first lured me into a lush store as I had heard some really great reviews. I have been having a few skin problems over the winter and wanted to treat myself to some face care products, as a birthday treat hubby took me to the Trafford center lush and I had a little splurge 🙂

On opening the pot the scrub is a lovely blue/green and White colour and you can actually see the grains of salt. I would advise that you mix the pot before use as the larger particles of salt are usually on the top of the mixture.I wasn’t too sure about the scent of this in store but once I got it home and had a whiff  I actually really like it. people have likened it to Margarita? i cannot confirm this as i have no idea what a margarita smells like. I find it smells like the ocean with hints of lime. very refreshing and clean smelling.
20120301-112747 AM.jpg

I used ocean salt facial scrub after cleansing with angels on bare the pot is fairly small I only used a small scoop on my fingers and this was more than enough for a full face scrub.

20120301-113305 AM.jpg
On placing the scrub on my face the smell is refreshing and the product felt nice and cool on my skin.I then began to gently rub the scrub over my face in circular motions. The feel of the scrub is not too harsh if used on a wet face and you can actually feel it exfoliating your skin.If you prefer a harsher scrub just apply without water. After washing the scrub off with warm water my skin feels amazing! Smooth soft and brighter after only one use.

Definitely woke me up and left me feeling really refreshed.I personally will only be using it once per day and look forward to using it in the mornings to give me and my skin a kick-start. 10/10

What a lush-ious experience.

20120226-070137 PM.jpg

I’m writing this post from my iPhone and apologise for any mistakes etc..

I have been reading lots of reviews recently about lush and today hubby took me to the Trafford center lush for a birthday treat :)
I have heard lots of people comment on the smells coming from the shop but I personally didn’t find them very strong, at least not until I had walked through the door. I did have to have a little cough to clear the sudden whiff that hit me as I came in the door.

I was greeted by a lovely assistant who was really helpful and asked if I had any products in mind. As I have been dreaming about lush for about 2 weeks I had a little ( massive) list of items I wanted to see/ try.
Starting from the beginning of the list she took me to each item and gave me a demonstration of each product on my hands and showed me how each one was used. She was also really helpful in helping me choose the right product for my skin type etc..
I really couldn’t speak more highly of the lush staff! A few reviews I read said the staff can come across as pushy and i was a little apprehensive but I didn’t find this at all. They made my shopping trip a wonderful experience.
I also have to say that the staff were fantastic with the boys and gave them demos of bubble bars and ballistics ( bath bombs) whilst I shopped.
The products are placed on little tables or shelves with samples of each one open for you to see/ try. Before going to the lush store I was going to order online and I’m now really glad I had the chance to see and smell each item before I bought it.The tubs were a lot smaller than I was expecting but I have been told that the products last awhile as a little goes along way.
As it’s my birthday tomorrow I did go a little overboard and ended up with 3 lush bags full of items but the boys did pick a few bombs for themselves so it’s not as bad as it looks.. Honest!
I bought-

Mask of magnaminty 315g tub
Ocean salt scrub 120g tub
Angels on bare skin
Sweetie pie shower jelly 100g
Bubblegum lip scrub
King of skin body butter
Each peach massage bar
Tea-tree toner tabs x3
Karma komba shampoo bar
Jungle conditioner bar
Stepping stone foot scrub

Honeybee bath ballistic
Twilight bath ballistic
Blackberry bath ballistic
Dragons egg bath ballistic
Fizzbanger bath ballistic x2
Ickle baby bot bath ballistic x2
Think pink bath ballistic
Rocketeer bath ballistic x2
Space girl bath ballistic x2

Pop in the bath
Comforter bubble bar
Karma bubble bar
Creamy candy bubble bar
Blue skies bubble bar
Melting marshmallow moment x2

Honey I washed the kids soap
Sexy peel soap
Godmother soap

I’ll post separate reviews for each item as I use them.. I can’t wait :)

20120226-070754 PM.jpg