Savage – Richard Laymon (book review

based in 1888, Trevor is a 15-year-old boy who finds himself dragged into the horrific path of jack the ripper. His journey pulls him from Whitechapel where the murders began, across the sea to the new world where the murders continue. When he finds himself witnessing the horrific and disturbingly graphic death of  young prostitute mary Kelly, instead of running for the hills to save his own life, Trevor sets off on a horrifying journey to find the ripper and bring him to justice.

Following the ripper aboard a boat on the Thames, Trevor finds himself kidnapped and held hostage along with the boats passengers. The poor american family have no idea whats hits them as the ripper tortures the young woman to get them to take him to america where he hopes to find soul mates in the form of the savage indians.

Escaping once the boat reaches america, Trevor is lucky to survive by jumping overboard. The ripper thinking Trevor has drowned continues his journey unperturbed leaving death and destruction in his wake. Meeting a host of interesting characters along the way,including the lovely Sarah Trevor makes his own journey following the rippers footsteps through the west towards the final showdown…

When I first saw this I thought it really wouldn’t be my cup of tea as I prefer more modern based books and westerns not my favorite genre. But I’m really glad that I started to read it as after just a few page I was completely hooked!

It contains laymon at his gruesome best and its now one of my favorite books. The story keeps you in suspense from start to finish and just when you think you know what the outcome will be something happens to change your mind..I loved the fact that the story is based around a well know notorious person and it breathes a completely different life into what was a historical fact. The ripper as you have never witnessed him before!. just be warned that like all laymon books savage is very gruesome and descriptive and could be too much for some people.

would recommend in a heartbeat :)   personal rating 10/10


My sisters keeper – Jodie Picoult (book review)

My sister’s keeper is the story of Anna, Who was born as a donor for her elder sister who has leukemia. Anna makes the decision to sue her family for the right to her own body after her parents tell her that she must donate one of her kidneys to help save her sister. The story follows the life of the whole family during and after the trial which will decide whether anna gets to make her own decisions about her own body. This is a decision which could ultimately kill her older sister so you can imagine that it has repercussions for the family as a whole.

This was the first ever Jodie picoult book I read, and i was completely drawn into the story from the beginning. You can’t help but think about what you would do in a similar situation.When it comes to saving a child’s life im sure every parent would do whatever it takes to ensure their child survives, but this book really makes you fight with yourself internally! Is it okay to sacrifice the quality of one childs life to save another?  Since the story is told from the viewpoint of all involved it was really easy to get drawn into the storyline. I was so drawn into the story that at one point I was literally driven cold with shock and I found myself in heart-pulling tears on more than one occasion.

This book would be at the top of my recommendations list for anyone looking for a thought-provoking storyline and a fantastically written story. rating  10/10


There is nothing more i like doing than sitting down with a shiny new book and getting caught up in the story for a few hours (or seconds depending if the children are home lol)

my favorite author is Richard laymon who is a horror/thriller writer please be warned that his writing is rather graphic and gruesome and wont be perfect for everybody..

I also love  reading Jodi picoult and Martina cole but to be honest I will literally read anything which catches my attention . My latest read was savage by Richard laymon which is a re-read

I will be reading and reviewing several books over the next few weeks so please feel free to keep checking back 😀

**product review** means i was sent the product for free so I could test and review it.