Enchanted Halloween sampler! *sneak peek*

I love this time of year! The weather starts to change, the world around us gets more colourful and the ghosts and ghouls get prepared for the best night of the year! yup you guessed it Halloween will soon be upon us! 😄

More than any other holiday I most look forward to Halloween so when enchanted started talking about their Halloween collection I started to get excited! I know it’s only September and there’s still a little sunshine left but when it was announced on her facebook page that this year Sarah would be releasing a halloween sampler so you could smell and sample the scents before choosing which products you wanted in your Halloween set I gave a little squeal! Especially when Sarah messaged me and asked if I’d like to receive a sampler to review on my blog and YouTube channel.

What makes this even more exciting is the theme, Disney villains! I’m totally loving this theme and can’t wait to see the Halloween sets once they have been prepared. There’s not much else I can say without revealing too much sooo. ..
This morning I received my special EARLY sampler! wanna peek?? 😉






If you want to order a Halloween set they will be available to order on the enchanted website between the 20th–30th of September and will be handmade ready to be dispatched from the 21st October just in time for Halloween:D there are a few sets to choose from depending on your price range and I believe there are a few prizes up for grabs. Be sure to check out the enchanted Facebook page for more info
I already know which scents I need!
All will be revealed on September the 15th 😄

**I received this product free of charge for reviewing purposes. My opinions and pictures are my own**


2 thoughts on “Enchanted Halloween sampler! *sneak peek*

  1. Thanks for sharing your Enchanted review with us! I love this years theming and can’t wait for the release. Hope you will share your haul with us after the release. 😃

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