Future primitive soap review.

I’ve been buying from future primitive regularly since just before Christmas and LOVE tiggys products!
I did a haul post a few weeks ago found here and after using everything (and buying more!) I wanted to do a quick review of my favourite products πŸ˜€

20140308-054045 pm.jpg
I’m a big fan of scrubs and have bought and used a lot of different brands/vendors over the months and can honestly say future primitive bubbling sugar scrubs are amazing! And by far my favourite!
I bought my first bubbling sugar scrub in a sample size and on first opening I wasn’t too sure that it was going to actually scrub much..usually you can see chunks or sugar grains and tiggys looked smooth and creamy.
BUT upon using…wow! Seriously it’s magic stuff πŸ˜€ it’s scrubby but creamy and it leaves your skin feeling polished and soft! It foams into a lovely silky foam and even Hubby is impressed. Great praise indeed since he’s not usually bothered what I make him use as long as he’s clean. Also it works great on the boys knees after football as it’s not at all harsh on their skin.

20140308-055716 pm.jpg
The next product I really like is future primitives whipped cream soap. A little goes a long way, and as I follow the future primitive soap Facebook page, I have been using as a shampoo on my hair and am really impressed!
Tiggy posted that she had been using the whipped soap as a shampoo and I decided to give it a go. Her recommendation was to use a Β£2 coins worth on wet hair so I wet my hair and totally ignored her recommendation…I swiped a good amount into my hand and soon realised I should have listened to tiggy as my head was soon covered in a thick creamy foam! I rinsed it off and re-washed using the recommended amount (which is more than enough! My hair is fairly thick and reaches halfway down my back)
My scalp is easily irritated and I have to wash my hair every other day and blow dry after each wash to keep the itchiness at bay. After using the whipped soap my scalp feels soothed! I can go longer without washing my hair and the condition of my hair feels better and more easy to manage. I have been using the whipped soap pictured for a good few weeks and it’s not even halfway finished.
As well as using as a shampoo it’s great as a shaving cream for my legs and as a bodywash. After getting out of the bath my skin is noticeably smoother and soft to touch. I don’t need to moisturise either which is great πŸ˜€

I’m looking forward to the spring release happening tomorrow Sunday 8th march. Be sure to check out the new spring scents πŸ˜€

*all products were bought and paid for by myself and All opinions are my own*


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