Rosegirls haul!

20140305-095757 am.jpg

I am a MASSIVE wax addict! My warmers are always brimming with gorgeous scented wax so you can imagine how excited I was to find out about rosegirls! From the US rosegirls is ran by Jenny and her mum Kathy. Originally started by Kathy I think jenny now mainly runs the business alone. I came across this company whilst watching a few *cough* videos on YouTube and their wax is gorgeous! Really pretty chunks and the scents are Devine! I’ve always been a fruity fan but rosegirls bakery scents are scrummy (yeah it’s a word.. 😀 ) and I could literally melt their coffee scents all week long..and I don’t even like coffee! Anyway enough gushing..I visited the rosegirls page on Facebook and found out that there was a UK supplier. Her name is Marie and I joined her Facebook page found here and was then added to her business group. She also has a website the gifting corner where spare bags of chunks and brittle are occasionally sold. The way it works in the US is rosegirls open for a short time every few months (5 minutes one month!! How mental is that!) the UK is slightly different and on August 7th 2013 I placed my first order. The TAT for this was around October so around 8 weeks. I ordered X1 20 chunk sampler £35 – 20 individual chunks of randomly scented chunks. X5 bags £10 each Frosty palace Starburst surprise Candy land Sweet lemon confection brittle Paradise brittle Plus 3 of my friends and myself arranged a pie slice club. Buy a pie each and then swap quarters so we would end up with 4 quarter in 4 different scents rather than a whole pie in a single scent. Large pie -taste the rainbow scent £32! I received the first items from my order on 14/12/2013

20140305-102134 am.jpg I did plan on making a blog post about my whole order so didn’t keep a record of which scents I received in this sampler…I didn’t receive my next parcel until yesterday 04/03/2014 so most of these chunks have been melted.I can say I was very happy with most of the scents received and i would definitely purchase more samplers in the future if available. Yesterday I got my 2nd parcel from my August order.

20140305-102526 am.jpg Rosegirls bags.

20140305-102616 am.jpg Paradise brittle bag. ” Freshly squeezed lime with slices of orange, lemon and pineapple” On cold throw this is a really nice tangy fruity scent.

20140305-103028 am.jpg The frost palace chunk bag “Blue raspberry ice chunks with cherry almond overpour” This is like a chilled bake well tart? Really nice and very sweet.

20140305-103254 am.jpg Orange nosegasm chunk bag “Orange revival blended with cutout cookie,with sweet frosting. candied cherries and fruits along with frosting sprinkles and powdered sugar” On cold throw I definitely get orange and a slight bakery note. Can’t wait to melt this one!

20140305-104006 am.jpg This is half my pie 😀

20140305-104056 am.jpg Taste the rainbow “Satsuma chunks, Florida key lime pie chunks, purple cow chunks over poured with chicks dig it” When I ordered I was really excited to try this. I’d read reviews which likened it to a skittle like scent but I’m not a fan! I love sweet lime but the Florida key lime pie isn’t sweet as I expected and the chicks dig it overpour is too tart for me. Good job I only have 2 slices in this scent and not a whole pie! The pie slices are good sizes, each weighing 3/4 oz (8 slices per pie) I still have 1 bag remaining from my August order and I’m hoping this will arrive soon. I love rosegirls and did make a large order in October but since my August order isn’t fully complete 6 months later I decidid to cancel and try to purchase bags as and when they become available. Have you tried rosegirls? Would love to hear your favourite scents 😀


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