Moosterbubble haul/review

I stumbled across moosterbubble on Facebook and just looking at the pictures I knew I had to place an order.
Found here on facebook I contacted Jennifer The owner and after a little chat chose a few products to try. She’s really quick to reply to mails and is really lovely to deal with. You can also purchase from her website here.

20140301-105956 pm.jpg
Beautifully packaged my parcel arrived a couple of days later. Very fast dispatch and everything arrived in perfect condition.

20140301-110141 pm.jpg
I ordered :-
x2 sugar rush bath bombs
X2 sugar rush bubble bars
X1 bite me bubblebar
X1 shower fluff in bite me scent.

20140301-110558 pm.jpg
Bubblebar in bite me scent. £3 each

20140301-110646 pm.jpg

Bubblebar in sugar rush scent. £3each
I used this the day I got it and was very impressed! The bubblebar itself is very easy to work with. I’ve been a “lushie” for the past few years and if you have ever used one of their bubblebars you’ll know they can be quite solid. This one from moosterbubble was firm but easy to break and very easy to crumble under the tap. The bubbles were plentiful and I still had bubbles when I got out almost an hour later!

20140301-111156 pm.jpg

20140301-111210 pm.jpg
I took a quick picture as I started running the water. You can see that the bubbles are already fluffy and they filled the bath. I only used 1/3 of the bar and could probably have gotten away with using less. The scent wasn’t too strong, which I prefer as my bathroom is small and I lock the door whilst having a bath.

20140301-111850 pm.jpg
Shower fluff in bite me scent £3.50 (150ml)
I am a big fan of bodywashes, whipped soaps was really excited to give this a try. I love the glitter on the top and the fluff itself is very creamy. I used a little on my shower puff and it foamed up really well and left my skin feeling clean and soft. The scent lingers on your skin after use and again is not too overpowering. Jennifer offers a wide range of scents you can choose for shower fluffs so ill definitely be trying more in different scents.

20140301-112849 pm.jpg

20140301-112901 pm.jpg
Sugar rush bath bomb £2.25
I used this the day it arrived and all I can say is wow! I like to be in the bath when I use my bombs so no pictures but you really need to try these!
As a “lushie” I love bath bombs but only really like the creamy ones like twilight or dragons egg..I would go as far as to say I preferred this bomb to any I’ve had from lush! It seemed to fizz slowly for ages leaving the water bright pink and soft. I play with my bombs with my hands and have many times come away with brightly coloured hands after using a lush bomb! My least favourite being bright orange hands from an enchanter bomb!…but despite the water being a vibrant pink my hands remained colour free 🙂 the packaging for these is lovely, especially the cute ribbon tied around the top of the packaging. They would make great gifts for friends.
Based on the price and experience if I had to choose then moosterbubble bath bombs definitely would get my custom.
Overall very impressed by this company and will definitely be making more purchases in the future.

**all products were bought and paid for by myself and my opinions are my own**


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