Future primitive soap haul!

Incase you don’t know future primitive soap found here is owned by the very lovely Tiggy and is home to some of the prettiest soap I have ever seen!
If like me you like watching various YouTube videos then you need to check out future primitives YouTube channel where you can see how tiggy makes each specific soap. I love that you can do this and don’t know any other vendor that actually shares the making of their products.
I’ve used this company before and been REALLY impressed so thought I’d share my latest haul with you πŸ˜€

20140201-013829 PM.jpg
My parcel arrived yesterday and upon opening the box each item was beautifully wrapped in either green or purple tissue paper. This is such a nice touch and each parcel feels like a mini present πŸ˜€

20140201-014636 PM.jpg
I ordered a full size soap slice, a scented wax melt pack, 3 sample pots of bubbling sugar scrub and a sample size pot of body whip. Also included were x2 free soap samples.

20140201-014922 PM.jpg


20140201-015118 PM.jpg
Have you ever seen soap so beautiful!
The scent description for this particular soap is ” Chocolatier: Dark artisan chocolate made in an old back street shoppe with tiny leaded windows. The scent of orange-infused pure cacao chocolate with Fig Syrup, Tahitian Vanilla Beans & West Indian Almond.
This smells gorgeous! It’s a really creamy scent which reminds me of Terry’s chocolate orange but much better!
I’m not usually a big soap fan as I have dry skin on my hands and soap usually dries out my skin further but, after using a sample I received in my last order I had to order a full slice! The soap itself creates a thick creamy foam which leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. No dryness is sight πŸ˜€

20140201-032555 PM.jpg
How cute are these little pots!! They are only sample sizes but are a little like the tardis and are bigger on the inside πŸ™‚ more than enough for a few baths depending on how much you like to use. These are great for trying different scents before deciding to purchase the bigger sizes available.
The bubbling sugar scrub is lovely. It’s not harsh and is very creamy. I’m a big fan of sugar scrubs and future primitive scrubs are luxurious and leave your skin feeling buffed and soft.
This one is from the valentines release and Its gorgeous!
Quite the gentleman – New Oak leaves, White Cedar, Geranium leaves, hints of Bergamot & Lime zest & a trickle of cool spring water. The aroma of a distinguished Gent ready for the taking!
This is a very masculine scent and I love it! The description is perfect as it smells like the perfect man. Ill have to buy hubby some bits in this scent before they sell out πŸ™‚

20140201-032958 PM.jpg
Also from the valentine release
Jilted & crushed- A keepsake box of loves lost. Chunks of Copal resin, Indian Attar’s filled with Oudh, Flakes of Amber resin, Black Tonka Beans and offerings of Dragronsblood, finished with a lick of Vetiver.
This is a deep scent with a hint of perfume (to me anyway) very musky and rich. I’d purchase this scent again too.

20140201-033643 PM.jpg
This is a new addition to the general catalogue (scents available year round) and I was really looking forward to trying this scent. A pudding of maple rice- A slow-baked Rice Pudding, the edges a little burned and bubbling, the skin dusted with nutmeg & a blob of thick cream on the top, served with syrupy prunes
on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Smells exactly as described! Like my grandmas homemade rice pudding, thick and stodgy with hints of nutmeg.
Personally I don’t think ill be re-buying this one simply because I’m not a foody fan and this is pretty foody but I know others will love this πŸ™‚

20140201-034458 PM.jpg
I love future primitive body whip! It’s thick but absorbs into the skin perfectly without leaving you feeling greasy or sticky. This particular scent is AMAZING and my fav FP scent so far.
Ebeneezer: A miserly cold winter breath moans down a chimney breast and into a dark, grey-washed room. The scent of frosted Pine needles & Eucalyptus leaves encased in ice make way for a hopeful splash of clean Lemongrass & fresh Lime.
If Lemsip and Vicks had a baby ebeneezer would be the result! I’m allergic to Vicks on my skin and like many other people have been full of a cold recently. I used the scrub of ebeneezer in the shower and it was like magic! Cleared my head and left me feeling energised. I’m hoping this scent comes back so that I can stock up!

20140201-035539 PM.jpg
I’m a massive wax addict so when I found out future primitive also sold wax I had to buy some! In the same scent as the soap these smell soooo good!
You get 6 pieces in the packet and I used one yesterday.
I first tried melting these in my scentsy warmer but while they did melt I couldn’t get much of a scent throw. I transferred to my t-light burner and perfection…:D the scents not too overpowering but it filled my bedroom with the very lovely chocolatier scent. I can’t wait to try different scents but ill definitely be buying this one again, One of my favs!

Overall I’m really impressed with future primitive. The products are beautiful and made using good quality natural ingredients. Tiggy is lovely and has always been quick to reply to any questions I may have had. Ill definitely be buying from them again. (may have already placed another little order so keep a look out for another haul soon)

*i bought and paid for all items myself*


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