Are you a shower puff girl?


If you haven’t already guessed from previous posts I’m a little
obsessed with bath and shower products. I’ve always used a shower puff with my shower products and wouldn’t be without this little miracle product! My reason for this post is yesterday my friend popped round to swap Xmas prezzies and in with her lush goodies I gave her a shower puff. She had no idea what it was so I gave her a little demonstration and she was very impressed. Why am I so impressed with this product? Well, I use it with my lush shower jellies and all shower gels and soap. All that’s needed is a little bit of product for a lot of lather and soapy goodness. This means I only use a little bit of product (which is always a bonus!) also I love the fact that it gives your skin a light scrub while you wash. I personally buy the ones which have a little sucker attached and can be stuck to the bathroom tiles to drain after use. So are you a shower puff girl? If you haven’t used one of these before I would highly recommend you give them a try.


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