Enchanted bath and bodyworks (review)

As you may have guessed from recent posts im a huge fan of lush products and their scents. I am a member of the lush forum and came across the name Enchanted more than a few times. At first Enchanted was described to me as a company which makes and sells dupes of the lush scents but when I visited the website for the first time I saw that enchanted offers much more than just lush dupes. http://www.enchantedbath.co.uk/

Enchanted is run by a lovely lady called Sarah and they produce lots of gorgeously scented scrubs, body washes, lotions ,soaps and fragrances in many different scents including a few dupes of other scents.

Her full list can be seen here : http://www.enchantedbath.co.uk/page_1560283.html

I was sent a small sample of scrub, bodywash, lotion and soap in various scents to try alongside a perfume roll on.

foaming sugar scrub

I used the sugar scrub first and following the directions I applied to damp skin and massaged into a lather.As soon as the scrub touches the water on your body it starts to foam a little like a soap and this makes it really easy to give yourself a good scrub. afterwards just rinse off. I loved the way the scrub made my skin feel exfoliated and fresh and the scent stayed on my skin lightly after use.

Whipped bodywash

The directions said to apply to damp skin using a shower puff so i took a small amount of product and rubbed into a shower puff. I was really impressed by the amount of lather and really liked the feel of the bodywash on my skin. I loved the fact that a small amount of product was more than enough for a good wash and again loved the way my skin felt after use. The scent stayed on my skin after use and my skin was lovely and soft.

Body cream

I have used the body cream for about a week and im very pleased with the results.Its moisturising and leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. The most impressive factor though in my opinion is the scent and how long it stays on your skin after application. Its like wearing perfume all over your body and as you get to pick the scents you prefer I honestly cannot imagine using a body cream by any other brand. I am a huge fan of the lush american cream scent and a friend sent me a small sample of the Enchanted dupe of this scent and I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell them apart in a sniff test! the scent is a perfect dupe and im really impressed.


I also received a perfume roll on in a scent called snow pixie which smells amazing! it’s a dupe of lush godmother/snowfairy and it is perfect. The scent lasts for hours after application and only a small amount is needed.

Enchanted also offer try me sets in the foaming scrub,whipped bodywash and body cream which are x3 100ml tubs of 3 different scented products of your choice which is a perfect way to try scents and products. They also offer layering sets which includes foaming scrub, whipped bodywash and body cream in your favourite scent.

overall im really impressed with both the scents and the products supplied by Enchanted bath and bodyworks and have already got plans to make an order for a wider range of scents. 10/10


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