kringle candles (review)

I have heard  people mention burners and wax tarts alot over the past few weeks so I cheekily asked my mum to try to pick me up a burner when she went shopping last week. she managed to find me a small burner and a couple of Yankee tarts and dropped them off that evening. I had never used a burner before and as it was so small I knew without a doubt that a full tart wouldn’t fit so I cut it into quarters and used a small quarter in the top of the burner. the room was immediately filled with a sickly flowery scent of lilacs( Lilac Blossoms)which after only a few minutes started to cause a headache. I was disappointed but thought that as I don’t particularly like floral scents I should try to find a scent which would agree with me more and had a quick search online. I came across yankeedoodle and this is where I first heard about Kringle candles. I was surprised to read that the creator of Yankee candles is the father of Mike Kittredge III who is the creator of Kringle candles

When he was just sixteen my father Mike Kittredge made a candle using his old childhood crayons for his mother’s Christmas present. Within a year, the antique Queen Anne stove you see here had become the heart of a tiny but fast-growing business called the Yankee Candle Company. By following his inspiration and always stressing quality, my father made Yankee the candle industry standard which reshaped the modern giftware landscape. He sold Yankee Candle in 1998, and retired from the world of wax and wicks – or so he thought.

In 2008, I made my first candle on this same old stove purely for fun; I had just turned nineteen. So when my 2009 college course required that I create and promote a product, my choice was natural: candles. As I worked on the project I felt a great sense of heritage and fulfillment, and an idea that wouldn’t go away formed in the back of my mind. – copied from the Kringle candle website

After reading reviews for both Yankee candles and Kringle candles I decided to have a look at what Kringle candles had to offer and popped over to their website

I love the set-out of the website and the fact that you can search by either scent or style and spent  about an hour looking through the different scent descriptions before deciding which items to try. I picked the fruit wax pot pourri starter kit and a couple of breakables in various scents. All Kringle products are white and compliment each other regardless of scent which I personally love. coloured tumblers are available if preferred.








wax pot pourri are similar to Yankee tarts but chunkier.





breakables come in a little tub and are moulded into segments which can be broken off and used. the remaining segments can then be placed back into the tub for easy storage.





I ordered just before easter so there was a slight delay in receiving the items which according to reviews are usually quickly delivered in around 1-2 days after ordering. on receiving my order I sat down with the boys and had a good olde sniffing session and I was pleasantly surprised by the scents. It’s hard to describe exactly how they smell but if  I compare them to Yankee candles they are much more true to scent and much milder. The watermelon actually smells like watermelon and is strong enough to  make the whole downstairs smell delicious but not so strong it causes a headache. I was so impressed I made another order the same day for more breakables and a couple of daylights which are larger versions of tealights. They also have an impressive selection of burners in various styles starting from just £4 so I treated myself to a new burner aswell (picture at the top of the review) I have  since tried a few other scents in the Yankee candle range but I personally find them too strong and artificial smelling when compared to Kringle.

overall I am very impressed with the company and the products it has to offer and will be making many more orders in the future. 10/10

*** I chose and paid for these items myself and this review is my own personal opinion of the company and its products ***




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