That little thing called humiliation…

Sami was invited to his first ever skating party yesterday and since I used to love flying around on my skates when I was younger I was really excited for him. we arrived and after strapping him into the boots and placing all the protective gear on him i proudly watched as he shuffled onto the skating floor…and fell, and refused to get up unless we could go home.

Being the kind mother that I am I pretended I wasnt 3 stone over weight and nearing 30 and strapped on a pair of boots. I mean I used to be a fantastic skater how hard could it be? answer – not easy and not pretty.

All the other mums bar the couple who were brave enough (or silly depending on how you look at it) to venture onto the skating floor were huddles around the edges chatting so when my first fall happened only a few actually saw me hit the deck. after flailing around for a few embarrassing seconds i managed to get back onto my feet and continue skating around with sami clinging vice-like onto my arm. 10 minutes before the end we were nearing the corner where all the mums were sat and sami fell sticking his boot out as he went down. After hitting his boot and madly waving my arms to try to stop the inevitable fall I fell and slid across the skating floor knocking 7 years olds over in the process. not my most shining moment! and to top it all off sami just got up looked at me and laughed!! pfft that’s the thanks I get for helping 🙂 It didn’t help that the worried mums came running to make sure I was ok and because I was sooo embarrassed I couldn’t actually get up! everytime I tried my feet would slip and id be on my backside again.

Needless to say I don’t think I will be going back anytime soon!


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