Help! i think im a lush-aholic

I posted about my first ever visit to a lush store a few weeks ago. I still have lots of product reviews to write for the items I bought on this visit and will post them as soon as I have tried everything 🙂

I was a little bored one afternoon and decided to have a peep at the website. This may have been a mistake as half an hour later I emerged wide-eyed and slightly poorer after placing my first online LUSH order. everything on the site looks amazing and I especially love reading the comments written by other customers which can be seen under each product. I chose to order a few retro items which cannot be purchased in-store and are only available online, mothers day items which will leave the site after mother’s day ends and a couple of items I didn’t buy while in-store and wished I had.









x2 urulu bath bombs (retro)

x1 fairy jasmine bath bomb (retro)

The mum re-usable bubble bar

Tulip re-usable bubble bar

strawberry feels forever massage bar

Lemony flutter cuticle butter

tea tree toning water

I also received 4 samples which I requested when ordering.

I made the order and paid for standard shipping which is sent by royal mail. when the parcel still hadn’t arrived 5 days later i contacted the lush mail order team and they sent a replacement package out straight away by 24 hour courier and I received it the day after I rang to let them know there was a problem.

The customer service was excellent and the staff are friendly, polite and quick to deal with any problems/concerns you may have.

Then hubby surprised me by telling me to write him a list of LUSH items I wanted for mother’s day. I wrote a long list of things i would quite like and told him to just choose what he wanted to order so it would be a surprise. This parcel was ordered on 24hour shipping and I received it the next day









I actually squealed! he didn’t know what to order so just got me everything on the list! (he also told me that he wouldn’t be ordering me anything else for the forseeable future lol)

rub rub rub shower scrub

herbalism face cleanser

american cream conditioner 100g

happy hippy shower gel 100g

rockstar soap

tricomania solid shampoo

magic mushroom bubble bar

the comforter

pop in the bath x2

green bubbleroon bubble bar

karma bubble bar

hot milk bubble bar x2 (retro)

marzibain bubble bar x2 (retro)

sunnyside bubble bar

dreamtime luxury bath melt

dragons egg bath bomb

big blue bath bomb

butterball bath bomb

honeybee bath bomb

twilight bath bomb

space girl bath bomb x2

vanilla fountain bath bomb

fluffy egg bath bomb x3 (easter collection)

Looking at everything now I realise that it might seem a little excessive BUT as a busy mum I don’t smoke. I don’t drink and my treat is a long soak in the bath. The boys also love using the bombs and bubble bars and as i cut them rather than using whole bombs/bubble bars each item can be used multiple times (I will make a post soon about how I cut and store my products)

so I am now officially a lush-aholic and can’t wait to try everything and let you know what I think 🙂

I would love to hear about you favorite products so please feel free to leave me a comment below.






One thought on “Help! i think im a lush-aholic

  1. I am also a lushaholic! I love lush as it’s a really nice way to spend money as it does not test on animals all the products dont have excess packaging like some companies and it’s a lovely treat to unwind in the bath! my lush stash is forever growing!

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