Lush ocean salt scrub (review)

20120301-111914 AM.jpg
Ocean salt facial scrub £6.75/120g

“Does your skin feel washed up and abandoned? Get it ship-shape with coconuts and lime – lush website” (

To use wet your face then scrub it all over, wash off the excess before repeating with a bigger scoop for an all over body scrub.

first use This was the product that first lured me into a lush store as I had heard some really great reviews. I have been having a few skin problems over the winter and wanted to treat myself to some face care products, as a birthday treat hubby took me to the Trafford center lush and I had a little splurge 🙂

On opening the pot the scrub is a lovely blue/green and White colour and you can actually see the grains of salt. I would advise that you mix the pot before use as the larger particles of salt are usually on the top of the mixture.I wasn’t too sure about the scent of this in store but once I got it home and had a whiff  I actually really like it. people have likened it to Margarita? i cannot confirm this as i have no idea what a margarita smells like. I find it smells like the ocean with hints of lime. very refreshing and clean smelling.
20120301-112747 AM.jpg

I used ocean salt facial scrub after cleansing with angels on bare the pot is fairly small I only used a small scoop on my fingers and this was more than enough for a full face scrub.

20120301-113305 AM.jpg
On placing the scrub on my face the smell is refreshing and the product felt nice and cool on my skin.I then began to gently rub the scrub over my face in circular motions. The feel of the scrub is not too harsh if used on a wet face and you can actually feel it exfoliating your skin.If you prefer a harsher scrub just apply without water. After washing the scrub off with warm water my skin feels amazing! Smooth soft and brighter after only one use.

Definitely woke me up and left me feeling really refreshed.I personally will only be using it once per day and look forward to using it in the mornings to give me and my skin a kick-start. 10/10


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