What a lush-ious experience.

20120226-070137 PM.jpg

I’m writing this post from my iPhone and apologise for any mistakes etc..

I have been reading lots of reviews recently about lush and today hubby took me to the Trafford center lush for a birthday treat :)
I have heard lots of people comment on the smells coming from the shop but I personally didn’t find them very strong, at least not until I had walked through the door. I did have to have a little cough to clear the sudden whiff that hit me as I came in the door.

I was greeted by a lovely assistant who was really helpful and asked if I had any products in mind. As I have been dreaming about lush for about 2 weeks I had a little ( massive) list of items I wanted to see/ try.
Starting from the beginning of the list she took me to each item and gave me a demonstration of each product on my hands and showed me how each one was used. She was also really helpful in helping me choose the right product for my skin type etc..
I really couldn’t speak more highly of the lush staff! A few reviews I read said the staff can come across as pushy and i was a little apprehensive but I didn’t find this at all. They made my shopping trip a wonderful experience.
I also have to say that the staff were fantastic with the boys and gave them demos of bubble bars and ballistics ( bath bombs) whilst I shopped.
The products are placed on little tables or shelves with samples of each one open for you to see/ try. Before going to the lush store I was going to order online and I’m now really glad I had the chance to see and smell each item before I bought it.The tubs were a lot smaller than I was expecting but I have been told that the products last awhile as a little goes along way.
As it’s my birthday tomorrow I did go a little overboard and ended up with 3 lush bags full of items but the boys did pick a few bombs for themselves so it’s not as bad as it looks.. Honest!
I bought-

Mask of magnaminty 315g tub
Ocean salt scrub 120g tub
Angels on bare skin
Sweetie pie shower jelly 100g
Bubblegum lip scrub
King of skin body butter
Each peach massage bar
Tea-tree toner tabs x3
Karma komba shampoo bar
Jungle conditioner bar
Stepping stone foot scrub

Honeybee bath ballistic
Twilight bath ballistic
Blackberry bath ballistic
Dragons egg bath ballistic
Fizzbanger bath ballistic x2
Ickle baby bot bath ballistic x2
Think pink bath ballistic
Rocketeer bath ballistic x2
Space girl bath ballistic x2

Pop in the bath
Comforter bubble bar
Karma bubble bar
Creamy candy bubble bar
Blue skies bubble bar
Melting marshmallow moment x2

Honey I washed the kids soap
Sexy peel soap
Godmother soap

I’ll post separate reviews for each item as I use them.. I can’t wait :)

20120226-070754 PM.jpg


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