proud mummy moment!

I am so proud of my gorgeous little man rayyan who is now dummy and nappy free at night πŸ™‚

As he is almost 4 I know that he should have been off his dummy awhile ago now but you try telling him that! i have tried everything to get him away from his dummy short of just removing it and not giving it him back, but I wanted it to be his decision as i think just taking it away would cause more problems.

we have given it to baby fish in the canal, this was the first attempt and ended in me finding a YouTube video of a fish sucking on a dummy ( i know right! ) but since the fish’s dummy was pink and rayyans was blue he was having none of it and demanded i get a new one. which i did under duress after almost 2 hours of tears.

we gave it to the sharks in the sea whilst on a short holiday in Skegness. if you come across a dummy on butlins Skegness beach I take full responsibility.

we wrapped it and gave it to santa for the baby elves. just as “santa” was bringing the presents down from the attic he woke up crying for his dummy and i really had no choice but to give it him before he woke the boys up!

Imagine my surprise when on a quick visit to tescos he declared he was a big boy now and didn’t want his dummy anymore. thinking it would be a repeat of the numerous other times he has told me this I wasnt convinced but sure enough off to bed he toddled dummy free and not a word did he utter. gobsmacked mummy! The next night he told me that he didn’t want a nappy anymore and again off to sleep he went nappy and dummy free! very proud mummy especially when he woke up the next morning completly dry and told me hes a big boy now (i may have cried a little i was so proud)


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