School holidays… heaven or hell?

The boys finished last thursday for the half term holidays and the past few days have been a mixed bag of emotions.

Rayyan has a respiratory virus and is not feeling himself at all so not really been able to get out much over the past few days. The boys have been fantastic and have been the best of friends playing Lego starwars with the Lego and on the wii while rayyan lies on the settee watching mickey mouse clubhouse, and sucking on icepops, which seem to be the only things i can actually get him to eat my poor little man.

I’m really hoping the weather is ok for the next few days as i have promised we can go squirrel hunting in the park at the weekend ( not ACTUALLY hunting the squirrels lol) the boys love trying to spot them in the trees and make a game of who can spot the most.

So far these holidays haven’t gone to plan but they have been much more relaxed than normal and the boys have been really nice to each other which is much better than having them at each others throats all the time!!. fingers crossed the niceties continue when rayyan is back in the mix…

how have your half term holidays been so far?

As a last note I have to say that I am super excited as hubby has promised me lots of lush goodies for my birthday in a few week and as I have yet to try ANY lush products I really cannot wait!!… any of you favourites you would recommend please let me know 🙂


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