No computer…arrgghhh!


That awful feeling when you realise the computer isn’t working and you are unable to get online…

on monday night hubby badly sprained his foot and while I was very sympathetic at first now…not so much.

“babe can you just get me this?”

“babe could you just do that?” blah blah blah…. 🙂

I finally managed to sneak away and get all comfy ready for a good old blogging session when I realise the awful truth! the computers not coming on and I have no other way to get online!! so for the past few days I have paced the house anxiously awaiting the return of my beloved computer, and when she finally returned I literally could have cried in relief.

As a mum of 3, getting online at the end of the day is the only way to catch up on news and friends gossips, especially during the school holidays when im unlikely to see family and friends. why not phone them you ask.. well the second I say hello 3 little people suddenly have  a sudden and very loud need to tell me something that can’t wait for even a few seconds never mind a few minutes 😛

so this is my first post since monday (that’s 4 days with no computer! ) and I have lots of lovely blogs to catch up on this afternoon as well as competitions and surveys to complete. emails to check and replys to send and maybe a few minutes on Facebook …(it would be rude not to…:)  )



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