Getting the most from your shopping..


I am quite houseproud (as much as you can be with 3 boys!) and having a dog i am quite obsessed with having a  nice smelling home, which doesn’t smell of wet dog or mucky boys 🙂 over the years I have realised that it’s not always the most expensive products which give the best results and I have  5 top tips for making your house smell delicious on a budget.

  1. fabric fresheners like febreeze are great for making curtains, cushions and other fabrics smell fresh but can be quite expensive for what they are. pop to the supermarket and find a fabric softener which you love the smell of and a small refillable pump spray bottle (can be bought from the pound shop) quarter fill the pump bottle with the fabric softener and fill with warm water. Can be used to refresh fabrics and costs a fraction of the price of the already made ones as you can refill the pump-bottle several times from the fabric softener.  (febreeze £2.86 x1 bottle fabric softener £2.15 x4 pump bottle refills.)
  2. Instead of buying pre-made cleaning products, buy the concentrate and make up your own. You can make it as strong/weak as you wish and again will get more than one bottle from concentrate.( flash pre-made spray £2.70 x 1 bottle – flash concentrate £2.29 x4 pump bottle refills)
  3. I am a washing up liquid snob and have only ever bought fairy washing up liquid. Nowadays i buy large family size bottles and use them to refill smaller bottles. Make sure you put the water in first and then fill will washing up liquid or you end up with a sink full of bubbles 🙂
  4. Don’t buy any cleaning products unless they are on offer if you can help it. try to buy a few when they are on offer so that they will last.
  5. Essential oils can be picked up fairly cheaply and when placed on tissue and placed on radiators smell gorgeous! I like using vanilla in the kitchen and when the radiators are turned on the heat makes the whole house smell delicious.

I would be really interested to hear any tips you use around the house 🙂

Its only since december that I became aware of the joys of price checking my shopping list on a price comparison site and I am now shamelessly addicted! is a brilliant site to visit before doing a big shop as it lets you know which products are on offer and which supermarket is cheaper for your shop. I have made more than a few savings from this site and would definatly recommend it to anybody wanting to save  a little money.


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