Got2b glued (review)

Zak is 9 and he’s at that age where the way he looks is really important to him. His hair is his favorite feature and he’s always on the lookout for new gels and products which make his hair do what he wants it to do. Because his hair is really thick and coarse it has been a struggle finding a gel which has a strong enough hold but he’s finally found one he really likes.

Got2be glues is made by Schwarzkopf and the hold is fantastic! The gel itself is really thick and sticky and it absorbs into the hair really well. Zak is able to produce some really impressive spikes 🙂 The gels white which I thought might be a problem on zaks black hair ,but as long as it is rubbed in properly it’s not visible at all. It holds his spikes for hours and has even withstood him wearing a hat. It has a pleasant scent which is not too strong.

Zaks favorite 10/10

Zak without gel

zak using got2b glued


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