Huggies pure and natural baby wipes.

I bought a few packets of huggies pure and natural baby wipes when they were on offer in tescos last week. I usually don’t purchase this brand as priced at £2.59 per 64pk when not on offer. i feel they are too expensive.

The packet is chunky and has a really cute picture of a little baby in a hat on the front. On opening the packet the wipes have  a gentle    scent which isn’t unpleasant but doesn’t stand out and each wipe has little images of teddies printed on it. My son loves these little teddies and calls huggies the “teddy wipes”

They are great for cleaning little hands and for wiping down furniture etc.. but not so great on cleaning little bottoms… The wipes are too thin and when taking them out of the packet you need 2 hands. As you grab one wipe the rest just keep on coming as well, unless you use your other hand to separate them, Which is far from ideal when you are changing a nappy! I have also noticed that if you don’t leave a wipe protruding from the packet they are really hard to get a grip of the next time you come to use them and more often than not they tear during use.


Great for cleaning hands/faces but not so good for using during nappy changes.Not the best wipes on the market and I won’t personally be buying them again as I don’t feel they offer what I need. 5/10




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