Nobody is perfect…

I was reading a few posts in a forum recently and i was shocked by the amount of parents who assume that unless you are raising your child the same way they are, you must be a terrible mother…

Macdonald’s?? never! and don’t EVER mention fruit shoots.. you’ll have a mob of angry mothers chasing you down the street with packs of sliced veggies in their hands. Dont even think about mentioning you are feeling  a little tired and can’t wait for the little uns to get into bed, why have children if you cant wait to see the back of them..(blah blah blah)

Im guilty of more than one parent faux pas…so here are just some of the  reasons why I must be a  terrible mother!

  1. Not only have i fed my children McDonald’s they actually enjoyed it AND i promised them they could go again if they are good 😀  ( feeding them junk AND blackmailing them eek)
  2. Because I am sometimes too tired to cook ,I have on more than one occasion fed them sandwiches for their tea and told them we were having an indoor picnic. In my defence it is rather fun to spread a blanket on the floor and share a mini picnic
  3. I eat their chocolate when they aren’t looking  I  guess this could be counted as two things since they shouldn’t be eating chocolate in the first place but hey-hum..
  4. I let them watch tv  I actually watch with them, some of those kids programmes are hilarious
  5. My youngest son still has a dummy at night-time  This is one that actually does need sorting but given the choice of listening to him scream for 4 hours or let him have his dummy for an hour until he falls asleep…no choice since i hate hearing him so upset
  6. I give in to squealed demands in the supermarket just to get them to hush up! mostly to stop myself having to run over the glaring pensioners with my shopping trolley! they  have obviously never seen a crying child before.. giving in to “i want sweetie’s NOWWWWW mummy” is the lesser of the two evils and as i bonus i can shop in relative peace 😀
  7. I let my 3-year-old go to sleep in my bed at night. This is apparently a big no-no in perfect mothers land? He’s never been the best at falling to sleep and its easier to have a cuddle for half an hour and then transfer him to his own bed than it is to listen to him cry needlessly for 2 hours, who’s it harming??

Do these things really make me a terrible parent?

Every mum/dad has the same job to do. Raise their child/children in the best way they know how. Everybody has different views on exactly WHAT is the best way to do this but in my opinion as long as my children are happy, loved and cared for does it really matter that I don’t do everything exactly the same as the next parent?  Having a cuddle with the boys in front of a movie ,with a pizza I didn’t make myself in the oven is the perfect end to a long day. I may not be perfect but who is?


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