johnsons bedtime baby bath (review)

I have used Johnson’s baby bath since my eldest was born 9 years ago and I am  a big fan of Johnson’s products. I recently found Johnson’s baby bedtime bath and I now have a new favorite!

The lavender and chamomile scent is not too strong and it smells gorgeous. The whole house smells lovely after a bath and the boys smell rather nice too 😀  The NATURALCALM™ essences are specially made to help your child sleep and i can honestly say that they work perfectly. my youngest son is 3 and he has always had trouble falling to sleep. When i started using bedtime bath in his water every night before bed i noticed that the time it took him to get to sleep reduced until he now goes to sleep almost as soon as he is in bed. I think it helps that the smell lingers round for an hour of so after use

The no more tears formula is gentle on skin and my eldest who has excema has never experienced any trouble using it.I regulary use it as a shampoo for the boy’s hair and this has also never been a problem.The children also really like the smell and the bubbles it produces are a big hit.

love this product and look forward to trying the rest of the range 10/10


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