My sisters keeper – Jodie Picoult (book review)

My sister’s keeper is the story of Anna, Who was born as a donor for her elder sister who has leukemia. Anna makes the decision to sue her family for the right to her own body after her parents tell her that she must donate one of her kidneys to help save her sister. The story follows the life of the whole family during and after the trial which will decide whether anna gets to make her own decisions about her own body. This is a decision which could ultimately kill her older sister so you can imagine that it has repercussions for the family as a whole.

This was the first ever Jodie picoult book I read, and i was completely drawn into the story from the beginning. You can’t help but think about what you would do in a similar situation.When it comes to saving a child’s life im sure every parent would do whatever it takes to ensure their child survives, but this book really makes you fight with yourself internally! Is it okay to sacrifice the quality of one childs life to save another?  Since the story is told from the viewpoint of all involved it was really easy to get drawn into the storyline. I was so drawn into the story that at one point I was literally driven cold with shock and I found myself in heart-pulling tears on more than one occasion.

This book would be at the top of my recommendations list for anyone looking for a thought-provoking storyline and a fantastically written story. rating  10/10


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