Drive a mum insane!!

“I’m bored….”

This has got to be the most annoying sentence ever! christmas was 3 weeks ago, their bedrooms are stuffed with toys but they have nothing to do?? what makes it more annoying is the fact that i can hear my mums voice creeping into my mouth….”when i was your age we didnt have all these things to play with!” the kids just look at me like im mad, like I was ever THAT young 😀

I made the decision that for the whole night we would just play games together, surely then they cant be bored? hahaha was i mad! for the whole 2 hours we lasted (which i feel was a huge acheivement in the grand scheme of things) they argued over who’s go it was, rayyan stole the boys monopoly pieces to put in his fire-engine so he could rescue them and the dog decidid that the he also wanted to join in by chasing the dice. needless to say we gave up and decidid to find something else to do. which is how hubby came home to find me and 3 boys lay on the floor with natural yoghurt spread all over our faces and cucumber on their eyes. who needs a daughter? sami has asked me at least twice over the last week if we can have salad faces again….


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